Ömer Hakan Baki

Ömer Hakan Baki

Economist,Businessman & Entrepreneur.
He is Chairman & Co-founder of OHB Int.Ltd, OHB Global, MIB Ltd. and Chairman at TR Business Consultancy Ltd.

My story started in 1971 at Esme/Usak/Turkey.  After a short period of time in Izmir, I spent most of my life in my home city, Denizli. I am very happy to live in a city with full of memories and friends.

In the last 25 years, while I travelled the world for business and holiday, I made lots of good friends and great memories.



I completed high school education in Denizli, Turkey.

I graduated from the University of Marmara in Istanbul,Turkey. I studied Economy at the Faculty of Economics & Business Administrative Science.

I received MBA from Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria.


Servus JKU.

“I am always happy a member of Johannes Kepler Universitat, JKU in Linz, Austria as a student.  It was a short time period for my education but,I have a lot of friends from at the different countries in Europe and nice spent time with them in JKU.

I will always remember my JKU and its’ atmosphere in my heart.”

Tschüss und bis später JKU.

Social Life

I am working on the different social platforms in Turkey. I have been different political position in my professional life as well as  within the sports and business as a member and a chairman. Currently, I am a member of Business Council at Deik*, Exporter Association at Denib, Chamber of Commerce at DTO, All Businessmen and Industrialist ‘s Association at Tumsiad, Education and Infrastructure Committee at Turkish Golf Federation, ex-member of the town council at Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. I am the founder of Chairman of All Businessmen and Industrialist ‘s Association at Tumsiad in Denizli.

I am a member of the Board of Directors and the Founder of Chairman of Turkey-Mauritius Business Council at Deik. I am also a member of the Turkey-South Africa & Turkey-Morocco Business Council board at Deik.

I am Chairman of Retail & Franchise Committee and a member of Construction and Real Estate Committee at Turkey-Qatar Business Council of Deik. I am also a member of New York Committee at Turkish-American Business Council of Deik.

*Deik: Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey. Deik is businessmen platform at the top level in Turkey and supported by the Republic of Turkey. Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK) is responsible for leading foreign economic relations of Turkish private sector in a myriad of industries mainly foreign trade, international investment and services, global construction activities and logistics, exploring inward and outward investment opportunities as well as increasing the export volume of Turkish business and coordinating similar business development activities.

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